May 24, 2008

Why I can’t do church any more

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I’ve been putting off this post for a long time, but it can’t wait any longer. It’s time to get this off my chest, not so I can feel better, but so I can move on in whatever journey this is. The tone of this post is admittedly harsh, for which I don’t apologize. What I have written is the result of what I have experienced of Christianity, and specifically how it has interacted with what I’ve learned in the last two or three years. I am not writing at or about any specific person or group or people; I am writing about the thoroughly broken system which controls access to God for the overwhelming majority of Christians. I don’t want to convert anyone; I’m not attempting to get anyone to agree with me; I’m not trying to provoke a mass-desertion at our next church service. I’m just letting you know where God has me right now. This is an FYI post, not an argumentative essay. Mostly. I think. Not too much arguing, at least. More »

February 1, 2008

Stripping paint, peeling onions

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OnionsI recall the time my family purchased its first piano, an old upright which had been painted a rather dismal white-ish color. Whoever painted it should have been incarcerated because the wood underneath was nicely stained, and the paint did a great disservice to the instrument. In an attempt to restore the piano to its former glory, my parents decided to strip the paint, revealing the original stained wood underneath.

And, oh what a job it was. That paint tenaciously clung to the piano. The paint stripper heated the paint to make it easier to scrape off, sending the smell of burnt paint throughout the house. The ornately carved scroll work was the worst to clean, as both paint stripper and paint scraper worked best on flat surfaces. Eventually, the paint was removed, and the work of making it look presentable could begin. More »

January 21, 2008

Fear and Me

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Life is about to change–a lot. I’m about to leave my job, pack up my family and our belongings, move to another state, enroll in school again, learn a new career, find a new church, and find a new group of friends and acquaintances. And that’s just plain frightening.

What will I encounter? Will I be able to support my family? What will people here say about our leaving? Will I be able to handle the load of work plus school plus family? Will my family be able to handle it? On and on and on they come. As the sparks fly upward, surely man was born to doubt. (Apologies to Job.) More »