May 24, 2008

Why I can’t do church any more

Posted in Bad Christians, Working through Life at 10:23 am by Matt Porter

I’ve been putting off this post for a long time, but it can’t wait any longer. It’s time to get this off my chest, not so I can feel better, but so I can move on in whatever journey this is. The tone of this post is admittedly harsh, for which I don’t apologize. What I have written is the result of what I have experienced of Christianity, and specifically how it has interacted with what I’ve learned in the last two or three years. I am not writing at or about any specific person or group or people; I am writing about the thoroughly broken system which controls access to God for the overwhelming majority of Christians. I don’t want to convert anyone; I’m not attempting to get anyone to agree with me; I’m not trying to provoke a mass-desertion at our next church service. I’m just letting you know where God has me right now. This is an FYI post, not an argumentative essay. Mostly. I think. Not too much arguing, at least. More ยป