May 29, 2008

Another links post, and some other stuff

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Yes, I know it’s not time for another links post yet, but there are some here anyway. You’re free to start your own blog if you’d prefer to do things the correct way. 🙂 And I can’t believe I just used a smiley in a post…

First things first. Thank you to all of you who have responded to my last post one way or another, whether on the phone, through email, or the comment box. I appreciate both the feedback and the opportunity to discuss what I’ve been working through.

I’ve collected a few links that I think might be helpful in obtaining some more perspective on where I’m coming from. They’re written by Christians from a wide range of backgrounds, not just evangelicals; but they express many of the same things I’ve been dealing with. I apologize that so many of these are lengthy; but, like my last post, once it starts coming out, it doesn’t stop easily. More »

May 24, 2008

Why I can’t do church any more

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I’ve been putting off this post for a long time, but it can’t wait any longer. It’s time to get this off my chest, not so I can feel better, but so I can move on in whatever journey this is. The tone of this post is admittedly harsh, for which I don’t apologize. What I have written is the result of what I have experienced of Christianity, and specifically how it has interacted with what I’ve learned in the last two or three years. I am not writing at or about any specific person or group or people; I am writing about the thoroughly broken system which controls access to God for the overwhelming majority of Christians. I don’t want to convert anyone; I’m not attempting to get anyone to agree with me; I’m not trying to provoke a mass-desertion at our next church service. I’m just letting you know where God has me right now. This is an FYI post, not an argumentative essay. Mostly. I think. Not too much arguing, at least. More »

May 16, 2008

Show the difference

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It’s time to wrap up my thoughts on the gospel, at least for the time being. I probably have too much to fit into this post, but I’m going to try to pare it down to something less than novel-length.

So, apparently there are plenty of bad ways to give the gospel. What exactly should we do, then?

Number one: Live honestly. Stop sounding like we totally get this God thing, or like we never have any doubts about it, or like we have the life down pat. Admit that we’re fundamentally broken people, not somehow better people just because we’re saved. Be frank about our failings. And be able, in spite of all that, to express our faith that God is somehow working in us. Because the gospel is less about dramatic outward change than gradual inward change. More »

May 11, 2008

More random stuff I stumbled across

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Yep, time for all those link thingies…Don’t have much time to write, so let’s get to the goodness. 🙂

First up is the blog Stuff Christians Like (which is only slightly patterned after Stuff White People Like). Funny stuff, usually spot on, and complete with plenty of comments which are as good as or better than the original post. All around fun. 🙂 More »

May 9, 2008

Jesus + A.A. = BFF, howbout u?

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This post was written just over a week ago, but I’ve been mulling it over ever since, trying to decide how much to say. Originally, it had two sections; but I’ve removed the second half in order to keep this focused on my current theme—how to (or not to) present the gospel. I’ll post what was the second part of this post at some point in the future, never fear.
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