April 22, 2008

Running, and points, which generally don’t mix well

Posted in Christian culture, Commentary, Theology at 6:54 pm by Matt Porter

My original introduction consisted of some hand-waving and optimistic generalizations about how nice it was to come to the end of this series on presenting the gospel. I should have known that, like all my posts, it would grow into a monster when I attempted to corral it into a text box. I intended to answer two questions about the gospel—What do the lost need? and How do we give it to them?—but I fear I’ve only managed to break the surface of the first one. I think the answers to these questions tell us a lot about not only what we say we believe, but what we actually believe as demonstrated through our actions. I’m going to resist the temptation to stick my toes in to test the water; I’ll just recklessly cannonball in and let the splash go where it may. Rant zone just ahead; you’ve been warned. More »


April 10, 2008

New curriculum for our school

Posted in Humor?, Theology at 3:36 pm by Matt Porter

Teaching school, one often finds that students fail to achieve maximum potential. Whatever the reason, few students actually perform at peak capability. This sub-optimal performance harms the reputation of our school in the community.

After six years of reputation-decreasing mediocrity, I finally broached the subject with my administrator. He was surprisingly open and gave me free rein to explore other curricula which may enhance our school’s reputation by highlighting our educational prowess. More »

April 2, 2008

There and back again

Posted in Family at 1:25 pm by Matt Porter

There. As in where we were. As in the barren arctic tundra formerly known as southern Michigan. As in the land that greeted our arrival with a full twelve inches of snow in the first twelve hours of our sojourn. We spent the better part of a week visiting with my parents, enjoying the weather, but mostly enjoying the fact that we didn’t have to shovel the weather yet.

The other there. As in where we spent fifteen hours driving to, around, and from. As in Indianapolis. We spent a substantial amount of time surveying the northern and (to a lesser extent) western regions of the city and suburbs. There were no lightning bolts, no angelic choirs, no rent in the heavens, no divine messenger sent to direct us (or to bring our donkey, er, minivan, to a halt, sword drawn to take off our heads, as some may have feared). Still, we are more settled that this is where we should go and what we should do, and we are glad to know that we can do so without having to move in between competing suppliers of illicit pharmaceuticals. We did not tour the campus, since daylight was limited and the city was vast and our oft-hungry daughter was in tow. More »