February 8, 2008

Thou hast not done, for I have more

Posted in Sin and Grace at 10:38 pm by Matt Porter


Sin is ugly.

Sin defaces all that God created and called Very Good. It defiles our souls. It pollutes our minds.

Sin corrupts us, slowly, silently seeping, delving deeper. It quietly creeps, pushing past our most determined defenses.

Sin is caustic, corrosive, controlling. It feasts and feeds on pride, on preening, prating fools all supremely safe, secure, needing nothing.

Sin gnaws and gnashes. It leaves relationships reeling, homes hurting. It fills families with walking dead, people with soulless eyes and haunted hearts.

Sin tempts and taunts us until, despite certain destruction, we partake of its promised pleasure, purchased from grinning goblins at market. And in our sin,


Desperate, determined, we solemnly swear to turn, return, repent. Yet we yield again, ever, always. And we despair.

And in our anguish, Christ comes, our loving Lord, and takes our filth, our awful ugliness, and claims it, names it His own. He calls it His, He calls us His, stands us on our feet, clean, white. And when He comes to us,


Sin is ugly.


  1. Lisa said,

    Did your writing booj remind you of alliteration and word pictures? Very effective….

  2. Lisa said,

    (chuckling) *book*

  3. Matt Porter said,

    No, my “booj” was more about the technical and mechanical aspects of writing than the creative. 🙂 Occasionally my muse is ill and I get a substitute muse, which is when I have ideas like this. That’s why most of my writing is so mundane.

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