January 11, 2008

So, why a blog?

Posted in The Basics, Working through Life tagged , , , at 5:28 pm by Matt Porter

Why bother? Who’s going to read this beyond family? What does this medium provide beyond what a phone call, e-mail, or letter could do?

Ah, the start of something new. A time of hope and fear and excitement and doubt all wrapped up in one squirming bundle inside my mind. Why bother, indeed? What do I hope to accomplish through this?

Several things. First, I’m in a time of transition—spiritually, occupationally, mentally, philosophically—and journaling is a traditional method of working through one’s thoughts. Through language, the formless dust of thought takes on corporeal existence and is more easily confronted. Or more plainly, by putting my thoughts into words, I can better understand and deal with them.

Second, I plan to chronicle my reading. My goal for this year is fifty books from widely varying categories, including history, fiction, philosophy, classic literature, and theology. I will post a brief review of each book I read on this site. I hope this will aid my understanding of what I read, as well as highlighting literature for the few who might read this.

Third, this blog will serve as a history—something which I can read and see where I have been and better understand where I am going. Whether or not I ever have a visitor or receive a comment, I will still be able to say, “This is where I’ve come from; I can understand my ‘now’ better having seen my ‘then.'”

So why the name, Mostly All There? Well, I’m certainly not all there, or at least that’s what I’ve repeatedly been told. On the other hand, I find plenty of people around who seem to have fewer functional floors in their cerebral elevators; so that leads me to believe I’m mostly all there. At least one can hope.

And that’s the sum of it. As the About page says, this is my safari through modern American life and modern American Christianity. This is me on life, on God, on the church, on family, on politics, on literature. You’re welcome to follow along, to point, to laugh, to comment, to poke fun…grab your pith helmet, and let’s set off!

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